Maryland Citizens For Sex Offender Justice
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Maryland Citizens Working Together For Justice and Sex Offender Law Reform




To educate MD public and state government on the sex offender facts vs fiction. (Currently, there is the mentality of "once a sex offender, always a sex offender" "No woman or child is safe")

Propose a new MD Registry that categorizes between Adult Sex Offenders and Child Sex Offenders with sub-categories of risk:

         Alerts: Non-compliant/absconders

         High Risk: Those with convictions from present to 5  years

         Medium risk: Those with convictions of less than 5 years -10 years        

         Low Risk: Those with convictions greater than 10 years

(Currently, Maryland state registry lists all sex offenders under the "Child Sex offender registry" with no categories. There are those who have 20- 30 year old convictions on the registry and you are classified as to the level of violence of your conviction)

Be Pro-active on laws/bills introduced that the group deems unfair/idiotic/draconic.( Take for instance: the SORNA law within the state of Maryland is not retroactive and does not apply to convictions prior to 1997 yet many sex offenders are being arrested for not abiding by SORNA; residency laws, computer registration laws, GPS laws,Special license plate laws)

Be a support for sex offenders who are attempting to get on with their lives, and their wives, children and families.

Lobby for a bill that would give tax credits to businesses that hire ex- convicts, including sex offenders. (Such major businesses in the state ofMaryland as Perdue, Pepsi, Coke will not hire anyone with a conviction. They protect themselves by stating "will consider" but in all actuality do not hire.)

Maryland Citizens For Sex Offender Justice